Makeup blender set 3 pieces (Sold Out)

£11.99 GBP

  • Our revolutionary latex-free sponge is the ideal tool for achieving a perfected complexion! It’s handcrafted foam material is completely safe for sensitive skins and is also 100% cruelty free.


    The beauty sponge is ideally used damp as it will avoid absorption of product allowing for maximum coverage and smoother application.

    The egg shape ensures flawless coverage and blending in both large and small surface areas. The precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections quickly and precisely. The edgeless shaping eliminates the possibility of streaks and harsh lines.


    Provides excellent results with multiple formulations such as cream, powder, liquid and serums.


    Each beauty sponge is packaged safely to keep it’s form for the smoothest blending experience, ensuring you can build the perfect coverage needed for every and any look.

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