Easilocks Rose Gold Heat Protector Pro 100ml

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Rose Gold Heat Protector Pro

This revolutionary hair treatment oil is a truly magnificent therapy for NATURAL HAIR and HAIR EXTENSIONS. We have carefully selected a blend of several natural oils that will deeply penetrate, protect, nourish and repair your hair; creating amazing hair shine and texture without adding weight resulting in silky smooth and EASI to style hair.

Rose Gold Heat Protector is a  blend of the following Essential Natural Oils:
Rose Oil
Carrot Oil
Chamomile Oil
Coconut Oil
Linseed Oil
Soybean Oil
Argan Oil
Tahitensis flower extract
 Directions Of Use:

 1) Apply a small amount evenly to damp hair
 2) Comb through immediately to ensure even distribution of the oil throughout the hair maximizing the result
 3) Blow-dry hair as normal 
 4) Re-apply oil when dry and repeat procedure if using heat to straighten or curl hair!


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